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Levi Horseman


Welcome to The Strother Room | Work Lounge!


Behind the intricate detail of bespoke woodwork that covers the interior of our workspace with whispers of the Victorian era and the elegance that embodied it, is the beautiful marriage of a lavish, relaxed workspace and after-hours lounge.
"Work lounge", you say?
That's right. Work lounge. Two things my parents left me: an affinity for strong drink and an appreciation for hard work.

Although we lived in rural Cass County mom and dad both found work in Lee’s Summit. Mom at Western Electric and dad was contracted to paint the original road signs that would advertise a brand-new housing development called “Raintree”.

I left the calloused grip of rural life and brought my own family here to Lee's Summit in 2002. We've called this home ever since.


In 2015 we opened a cozy little event space in DTLS called The Black Dog. Like many other small businesses, the Covid pandemic forced our doors closed, but it also opened a new door. Work-from-home and remote jobs rose during the pandemic. In honor of new beginnings, The Strother Room | Work Lounge opened its doors Easter weekend, 2022.

I set out to create something that would not only honor the rich history of Lee’s Summit - a town that provided so many opportunities for my family over the years - but also symbolize the hardworking men and women like my parents who helped build this City and give them a place to relax after a long day's work.

Mom and dad never got to see this place, but if you’re a remote worker or work from home and want to drop by for a looksee or hell, just sit  and have a drink with me, I’ll be glad to show you the area’s most intoxicating workspace.


I'm Levi. Welcome to my work lounge.

Reach out to me anytime.

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